PEAK SB5 Black


Material:  Synthetic Leather/Mesh. EVA Midsole.  Rubber outsole.

Lightweight and comfortable these shoes have the following additional PEAK features.

CUSHION -3: Trademarked Cushion-3 system is PEAK’s core technology. Three layers of material in the heel provide perfect cushioning through absorption, dispersion and rebound.

EASY MOVE: Innovative out-sole structure developed by PEAK to co-ordinate with foot activity. Reduces the energy required for motion improving athletic performance and giving the freedom to play.

REVOLVE: Forefoot rotation system designed to aid stopping and turning.

FOOTHOLD:  PEAK’s arch support technology connects the forefoot and heel providing support to the midsole. Prevents injury caused by excessive arch twisting.

COOL FREE: Breathable system designed by PEAK which reduces temperature inside the shoe keeping feet dry and comfortable.

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